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Legal vs Symbolic Marriage in the Riviera Maya

How can you decide if a symbolic or legal destination wedding is right for you?

Many couples prefer the symbolic ceremony because it’s an easier option in several ways. You don’t need a legal officiant to perform a symbolic wedding ceremony, giving you the flexibility of asking anyone you’d like... such as a friend or family member.

If you want to have a legal ceremony, you’ll need to have all your official documents (think birth certificate, marital status ie. divorced, etc) translated into Spanish and notarized. You’ll need to enter Mexico 3 business days before your ceremony, and have your blood work done in Mexico. To make your marriage legal, it has to be performed by a legally certified officiant who resides in Mexico.

All that being said, your guests won't be able to tell the difference between a symbolic or legal ceremony. Plus you get to choose which date to celebrate your anniversary (or both...aren't two better than one? lol)

One factor to remember is that the heartfelt emotions you’ll feel the first time you exchange vows, come only once-in-a-lifetime. So save that “first time” for your destination wedding ceremony, whether it’s symbolic or legal.

If you choose to have your legal ceremony at home, do it after you return from your destination wedding. That way you preserve the authentic reactions of your first “I Do's"....a photo of a tear rolling down your beloved’s face, has the provocative power to bring you right back to that moment, every time you see it.

Ultimately, you'll need to decide what you prefer, and what works best for you. That choice is as individual as you are, so relax, knowing whatever you decide, the end result is….You're Getting MARRIED!!!


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