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Why Eloping is becoming so popular

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Couples have been eloping for quite a while. It’s a stress-free alternative to traditional weddings and is also a more intimate experience. Now, during this pandemic, elopement weddings have increased in number. They provided couples with a chance to stay safe while celebrating their love.

If you’ve been planning a destination wedding recently, you’ll hear of eloping quite a lot. This is because the pandemic has made destination weddings with guests a bit tasking. It is easier to elope by yourselves than plan the logistics involved with guest travel during this pandemic. But those aren’t the only reasons why eloping is becoming so popular.

Here eight other reasons why couples who were planning a destination wedding have decided to elope during this pandemic.

· The Price

Planning a wedding can be very expensive. Many couples start worrying about this cost when they get engaged, meaning they don’t even enjoy their engagement. You’ll also have to worry about your honeymoon. Plus, this pandemic has taken a hit on the incomes of many couples.

An elopement costs a fraction of what a traditional destination wedding costs. You won’t have to pay for invitations for example and can cut out many other unnecessary costs. You also won’t be forced to spend on things to impress guests. You’ll have lots of money left to spend on other important things.

· It is Intimate

If you’re a couple that does not like being the center of attention, an elopement could be the answer. With a traditional wedding, you’ll be on the spot for 100 plus people. For an elopement, it’ll only be you, your partner, your celebrant, and a photographer. Even when you plan a celebration after, it’ll be with less than 10 people. That means only those closest to you will get to attend. Sharing your vows with only those most important to you? It doesn’t get more intimate than that.

· Less drama

There is always one drama or the other at a traditional wedding. A bunch of people not speaking to the others and the likes. Then let’s not even talk about the people that get drunk, and it’s a whole fanfare. No one wants this at their wedding, and with an elopement destination wedding, you can have just that.

Elopement Weddings tend to be drama free as the only people there will be you, your partner, officiant, and photographer. However, you may get some drama later on. That will be when announcing to them that you had an elopement wedding. But don’t worry, with the pandemic, most people will understand why you chose to do so. Those who are initially miffed will also eventually come around.

· Less stress

One thing that many couples who have gotten married with many guests regret is stressing over the day. You’ll find yourself bothered if your guests are having a good time. You’ll also want to know if everyone is around, if they’ve had something to eat and if they are happy.

Surprisingly, you’ll be aware that your wedding is mainly about you in the back of your mind. But you’ll still find yourself worrying. Stress affects your mental health. So, it is no surprise that people are choosing to elope instead, That way, they can avoid the stress that comes with a big wedding. A destination elopement wedding means that you only have to worry about yourself and your partner. It also costs less so you won’t be financially stressed. You can be yourself and have a day you completely enjoy at your destination wedding.

· Less planning

Your destination elopement wedding will take less planning than a regular one. You’ll spend less time coordinating vendors and will only need a few. For most elopement weddings, you only need a makeup and hairstylist, photographer, and a celebrant. You might also need a florist for your bouquet and boutonniere.

Asides from that, you won’t have to talk to any more people. You can effectively organise your elopement in way less time than the regular 18 months. There is also the fact that you can plan for that long ahead and receive a surprise. Like with how the pandemic changed many wedding plans with no prior plans. You can easily plan your elopement, on the other hand, with no fear of disruption.

· Multiple Location Options

When it comes to your destination elopement wedding, the venue options are limitless. Do you fancy a yacht, the jungle, or a beautiful beach? Then go ahead. It depends on you, your partner, and what you want. Work out your vibe and the kind of venue that works for that. Just keep in mind that what matters most is the love you both have for each other. You don’t have to go somewhere like in all those styled destination elopement shoots that you see online. Just choose a place you would love to see your memories captured at.

· The Experience Is What Matters Most

In the past, weddings used to be about how big your venue was, how many guests came, and how expensive your wedding dress was. That isn’t true anymore, especially with this pandemic. Many couples have come to understand that the experience is what matters most.

It’s not about the pictures where everyone pretends to be having fun. It’s about having a day you really enjoy and will always remember. Elopement weddings are intimate, special, and memorable. Most couples nowadays would rather have an epic romantic story to tell about their elopement than a big traditional wedding.

· Authenticity

You’ve probably heard of people that put up a show of the perfect wedding and aren’t really happy. Inside, they’ll be miserable, while they smile at all 500+ of their guests. People are moving away from such experiences now. They would rather have something small and genuine where they can be true to themselves.

An elopement gives them that opportunity. You set a sad tone for your married life if you are not being authentic at the time you tie the knot. With an elopement, you won’t have to posture for anyone and can be sure that you are doing exactly what you want to. It’ll just be you two, in love, saying what you want to and getting married to your best friend.


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