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Why you should do a Trash the Dress session after your wedding day

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Have you ever thought of what you will do with your wedding dress after your ceremony? You certainly won't be taking it with you on your honeymoon or another next trip. You may also won't put it on every anniversary to celebrate your wedding.

Some brides leave their gowns in their closets, gathering dust for a long time. Probably with the hope that they can pass it down to their kid. But think of your wedding and how you dreamed of your beautiful wedding dress.

After spending so much on your wedding dress, it is kind of anticlimactic just letting it go. That’s where the ceremony known as a Trash the Dress session comes in. It takes place after your wedding day and is a splendid chance to celebrate your union again. The best part is depending on the activity that you choose, you might not even end up ruining your dress. Here are some more reasons why you should consider having a Trash the dress session after your wedding day.

  • It's Relaxing

You’ll have lots of fun and relaxation. We can get pictures of you in as many exceptional and breathtaking places as you wish. You could start your session in the city and finish on a beautiful beach if you want. We could also go into the jungle and shoot in beautiful cenotes. The choice is yours.

  • It Gives You A Chance to Wear Your Dress Again

Like we mentioned earlier, there is almost no reason for you to wear your wedding dress after your wedding. But most times, you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress for so long and now you’ve finally found it. You deserve to get more than just one wear out of it. A trash the dress session gives you that. You will not use your dress again, so why don't you take this chance to use it one more time?

  • Your Dress Could Stay Fine

Depending on what activity you choose for your trash the dress, your dress won’t get ruined. On the contrary, it could even get cleaned. For example, if you choose to do a shoot where you go into the water, your dress will come out cleaner than it was after your wedding. So, if you’re still big on handing down your dress and want to donate it to a charity, you can do so after your shoot. What do you think?

  • You’ll Get More Photos with Which to Celebrate Your Union

Honestly, if you ask us, you can never get too many pictures of you in your beautiful wedding dress. On your wedding day, you’ll be limited because you’ll have guests waiting for you. With a trash the dress session you can get more pictures of you and your partner in a lot more locations. For example, you can get underwater photography in the beautiful cenotes. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will allow us to create art for you. Imagine one of those images hanging in your living room. It would be so beautiful.

Having a trash the dress session is almost like an extension of your wedding celebration. You’ve waited so long for your wedding day, probably dreamed of it since you were little. We feel you should get a chance to celebrate it to the max. With a trash the dress session you can do just that. So what do you say?

We would love to capture amazing images with you! Visit our Trash the Dress portfolio and contact us for more info!


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