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Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding. Eleah & Davionne

How about meeting your soulmate at a wedding? That's what happened to Eleah & Davionne, they were in a wedding together, last call to the bar was made and she went to get one last drink, there he stood, asked her what she was drinking, got drinks for both and she pulled him to the dancefloor as her song just started.

Many adventures later, they decided to get married in the Mexico, had a blast at Dreams Riviera in Cancun.

Couple's Review:

Silvi was the absolute best!! The quality of the service and photos was second to none! She and her team were active every second of my wedding- from the beginning to the end of the reception. The candid photos captured memories I didn't even remember. My husband and I love Sweetfire Photography, very pleased, and would recommend them to anyone!


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