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Sandos Playacar Wedding. Stephanie & Gio

Stephanie & Gio's story started 10 years ago when they met at the hair salon they both still work at. Stephanie's best friend -her maid of honor- was already close and best friends with him. It was shortly after that they grew their friendship together and told each other everything. He became her best friend and she became his. One thing lead to another and they had a little surprise, as they found out they were expecting a baby boy! They had to grow a lot and learn how to be a couple with a baby. But that made them so much stronger. 7 years later and two babies down they get to celebrate a wonderful wedding with friends and family at Sandos Playacar in Playa del Carmen.

Couple's Review:

WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN! There was one thing that was really important to me and my wedding and that was the photos. I am a person who loves looking back on pictures, watching videos and what not. When it came to splurging for our special day, I knew it would be in photography. My best friend/maid of honor did a search and found Sweet Fire Photography. I emailed them immediately because I loved their portfolio. I had the most efficient response with all of their pricing and different packages of what they offered. Honestly I knew they were amazing the first email I got back from them. Silvi and her crew were amazing and easy to contact during our whole planning period. Oh I failed to mention, we were getting married at Sandos PlayaCar coming from Chicago, Illinois. We met in person before the actual wedding, and I knew we had the perfect fit. Silvi was so welcoming, and sweet. It felt like we knew each other forever! Come day of our wedding, we felt nothing but relaxed and comfortable. Silvi and her crew made us feel as if we were so natural and in our own comfort zone. Not to mention they didn't have us doing anything cheesy! Our whole wedding party and family had nothing but compliments for them. They left our wedding, and we wanted them to stay and party with us. By the end of the day, they felt like family. I Highly highly recommend Sweet Fire Photography for anything. We will be using and reaching out in the future for more!

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