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Is a First Look right for you??

It's been said that back in the day when marriages were arranged to increase family fortunes, properties, status or amalgamate kingdoms, it was traditional for a bride’s appearance to be kept hidden (veiled) until after the knot was tied with sworn marriage vows. Then it was too late for a husband to back out and renege on the deal, if he decided he didn’t like his bride’s appearance...and these were "the good ole days?!?!" lol

Could it have been a bride’s family who started the superstition that it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride before they were wed…hmmm ?

However it started, it’s a tradition that’s still followed by many to this very day.

However, nowadays more and more couples are choosing to have a “First Look” where they meet up before their ceremony. It's a very poignant moment - first seeing each other on their wedding day - sharing profound emotions!

The intimacy of this reveal (with just the two of them) is uniquely romantic, and quite different from a groom first seeing his bride when she’s walking down the aisle.

Which choice is right for you?

Depends on whether you want to share some private couple time before the ceremony, or if you prefer for the bride to be walking down the aisle, the first time you see each other that day.

One advantage for a destination wedding couple to have a “First Look” is a more relaxed timeline.

Taking couple photos before the wedding at “First Look”, takes some pressure off the newlywed photo session later. It frees up more time to enjoy cocktails with friends and family after the ceremony, instead of rushing off to get all your couples’ photos in the newlywed session.

From a photographer’s perspective, getting the majority of great couple images recorded before the ceremony, really takes the heat off, in case anything goes amiss later on.

Capturing the couple at their best (while still fresh and cool) in shady tropical spots, augments the later beach shots with friends and family, creating a nice balance.

It also ensures it’s no big deal if the ceremony runs late, because the most important couples’ photos are already captured, and there’s still time to get those golden sunset shots with the wedding party.

From a wedding couples’ point of view, a timeline with more flexibility to recover (in the event of an unforeseen delay or misstep) builds peace of mind and lets you relax and enjoy your day even more……priceless!

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