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Hard Rock Riviera Maya Wedding. Jasmine & Joel.

Jasmine & Joel met three years ago in October at his job at a bank! Jasmine was a customer at that bank for years and she never really noticed Joel until one of her friends introduced both of them. Jasmine shared with us that she immediately thought he was cute but not only that, as they quickly found out they had something really important in common, having God as a central part of their life.

At that time Jasmine pushed Joel away, because she know he deserved the best and that was something she couldn't provide at the moment, as she was going through a difficult phase in her life. Joel was certain for his feelings towards her, and kept pursuing Jasmine. There was a crucial moment, when Joel shared with Jasmine that he was willing to wait for her no matter how long she needed. That was the moment Jasmine knew she couldn't loose this man. A lesson for both was: God's timing is perfect. Even if she initially thought they met at a wrong time in life, it was after that realization, Joel started playing a huge role in her life, helping her overcome her challenges and getting closer to God more than ever.

After a month of dating she decided to surprise him with a ring pop proposal at a gazebo... Talking about perfect timing, as he also had in mind about proposing with the same ring pop! And he did! This past April he surprised Jasmine at the same gazebo with another proposal, with a real ring.

And that… is their story.


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