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Choosing the right dress for your Destination Wedding

Shopping anyone?!?! …..what’s more FUN than finding your most beautiful dress of a lifetime???

Here’s to making your little-girl wedding-dress dreams come true!

Whether you want it to be whimsical relaxed and casual, or more formal and elegant, here’s what to keep in mind….

Typical destination beach weddings are sunny, sandy, hot and humid. There could be a windy ocean breeze billowing through your hair, veil and dress, so it’s best to select styles and fabrics that look spectacular in all of these conditions.

* Simple chic dresses that are elegant, light and airy, will hold up better in seaside humidity. They strike a balance of casual beachiness and graceful sophistication, while helping you keep cool.

Layers hold in heat, so a more casual, form fitting style (that still leaves room for you to walk easily in the sand) will feel cooler, while not blowing around too much if it gets windy.

* Strapless, halter, one-shoulder or sweetheart neckline styles elegantly show some skin, leaving your shoulders bare and more comfortable in the tropical heat.

* Cool knee length hemline shows off your fabulous legs and means you don’t have to worry about high tide, or dragging your hem in the sand or water!

A high-low style hemline gives you the fusion of elegant and casual…showing off your sexy legs while still flowing alluringly like a long gown at the back.

* Lightweight fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily (like chiffon, silk or tulle) drape well, providing that fashionable silhouette, and look lovely on every figure. Designs with billowing skirts, sexy slits and lace that tastefully show some skin, maintain idyllic air flow and comfort.

They also have the added benefit of traveling well, so are low maintenance and don’t need a lot of touch ups to look great.

*** note: carry your dress (in a gown bag) on the plane, to ensure it arrives with you and doesn’t go missing in case your luggage is lost or misplaced. Place it on top of other carry-ons in the overhead bin so it doesn’t wrinkle - or - ask the flight attendant to hang it up for you.

* White is still the most popular bridal gown color choice, however other colors can be stunning too! Azure blue ocean waters and white sands provide perfect backdrops for vibrant or pastel color hues, so don’t be afraid to customize your Special Day with your favorite color!

Check out the vibrant colors of a cultural wedding - like a Hindu, Indian, or Japanese ceremony - to jump start your imagination.

* Keep the breezy beach conditions in mind when deciding on whether to wear a veil (and what hairstyle to support it with). A floral wreath, jeweled hair clip or beautiful flowers entwined in your hairstyle may be more practical, if your ceremony location is really windy.

Up do-s are an elegant choice - secured with extra pins and hairspray to keep it in place.

* Beach wedding footwear options (that compliment your perfect dress) need to be ok walking in the sand and at the waters’ edge.

Choose low-heeled dressy sandals, espadrilles, or beautiful wedge shoes that let you walk gracefully and won’t sink down into the sand. You can easily take them off to walk along the water later. Or a better option, just choose Barefoot Jewelry!

Once you’ve said YES! to THE! DRESS! you have this big piece of your wedding plans in place.

Big Exhale - CHECK!


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